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Posted by John Dojka on October 3, 2012
On May 20, 1862, 10 days after Rensselaer’s physical plant was completely destroyed in The Great Troy Fire, the Institute’s trustees began planning a new home for Rensselaer.  Under the leadership of
Posted by Jenifer Monger on September 26, 2012
Fishing through some unidentified photographs yesterday, I came across a folder labeled "Students" and within it I found this great photograph of a cheering crowd. As I stood above the image smiling (because this photo told me it was the next mystery image), I asked silently, who, what, when, and where? Look at their faces, there's so much intensity, excitement, maybe even dismay, perhaps suspension. This crowd is packed into a space with wood and leather seats, and one gentleman is holding what looks like a program with the Rensselaer seal on it. Hmmmm!
Posted by Jenifer Monger on September 18, 2012
In 1947, Samuel Rezneck (Professor of History at the Institute) replied to a researcher who asked why the Institute had adopted cherry and white as its school colors. We have Rezneck's response to the query which reveals some colorful articles he found in The Rensselaer Polytechnic that I sought out for myself and couldn't resist sharing with our readers.
Posted by John Dojka on August 31, 2012
May 10th of this year was the 150th anniversary of Troy’s Great Fire. The fire destroyed a major portion of the city’s downtown including the Institute’s entire physical plant. It was an important event in Rensselaer’s history because it marks the beginning of the move of the Institute from downtown Troy up the hill to its present location.
Posted by Jenifer Monger on August 28, 2012
With the new academic year approaching I decided to stage an exhibition of signs, seals, & symbols designed and used by the Institute’s offices and students throughout its history. The main point emphasized is that Rensselaer reaches its community through numerous visual methods.
Posted by T. A. Gobert on July 27, 2012
Co-captains Daymon Jordan and Marty Davis With the XXX Olympiad being held in London, this seems like an opportune time to highlight the achievements of one of RPI’s most illustrious ath
Posted by Jenifer Monger on July 10, 2012
We have a visually unique collection of 40 fraternity party posters from the mid-1960’s, representing twenty two different RPI fraternities.
Posted by Jenifer Monger on June 27, 2012
Hey Readers! Welcome to RPI HISTORY REVEALED, our new blog platform. We were a bit nervous about this transition, asking ourselves "will we lose them," "will they stay tuned?" Please remember, all of the content is the same. Anything you searched or found in the old blog over the years exists here (exact same posts and comments), things just look different.
Posted by John Dojka on June 12, 2012
"Flossie, the girl at the Boarding House." In our earlier post on the Class of 1912 we described the summer surveys conducted by students between their sophomore and junior years.
Posted by John Dojka on June 12, 2012
Class of 1912 in front of the Troy Music Hall. June 12 is the 100th anniversary of the Class of 1912’s graduation from Rensselaer and we want to mark the occasion by providing some background on what the student experience was like at Rensselaer over a
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