Posted by Jenifer Monger on December 12, 2012
Just for fun, we decided to mine the archives for some of those interesting items that don't quite fit into our usual posts. Instead, we selected some gems that convey a campus mood or a mindset if you will!
Posted by John Dojka on February 19, 2010
My post regarding big name concerts has been one of the most popular posts on this blog. There are some great comments about concert memories and tips that have led me to more information.  I have referred to "my list" of RPI concerts and it's about time I shared that list!  I put it in a pdf file so the blog is not barraged with extraneous concert searches.  If you remember any of these concerts or have information about concerts not on the list, please leave a comment!
Posted by Amy the Archivist on April 27, 2009
I've been working on a compilation of big-name concerts held at RPI.  People occasionally ask questions about bands that played here, and it's useful to have a quick reference to that information. So far, I've covered the 1960s, 70s and 80s.  I thought I would share some interesting tidbits from my research.
Posted by Amy the Archivist on December 16, 2008
The annual Campus Carols holiday concert was a Rensselaer tradition for many years. The genesis of the event dates back to 1944 when it was called the "Christmas Candlelight Program." In early December, the RPI Glee Club led the campus community in the singing of Christmas carols at the RPI Clubhouse. In 1948, the event was renamed "Campus Carols" and moved to the '87 Gym.
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