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Posted by John Dojka on February 27, 2009
I feel a little embarrassed when I post an image of a professor that I can't identify -- especially when the prof is still active on campus. The photos in my mystery file tend to be 15-25 years old and since I don't cross paths with faculty on a regular basis, it's not surprising that my knowledge is limited. The ability to reach out to the Rensselaer community through this blog has been very helpful. Keep the comments coming! Readership has increased significantly this week (thank you alumni ;)), so I expect a quick ID on this mystery image!
Posted by John Dojka on February 13, 2009
Here we have another professor at the blackboard pose to ponder.  Please identify this prof and leave a comment.  If you happen to recognize the formula(s), feel free to share that information as well.  
Posted by John Dojka on January 16, 2009
The holidays have passed, spring semester work has commenced and winter couldn't get any worse.  Blah.  This probably won't cure the doldrums, but it may entertain you for a moment.  I thought of inviting captions for this one, but I don't want to divert attention from an actual identification.  My best guess for the beer paraphernalia is that it came from the pub in the Union.  It looks like they are taking inventory of the items.  Can you identify the students or the room?  If I could get the name of one or more of the individuals, I may be able to contact them to get more information.  T
Posted by John Dojka on December 2, 2008
The first create a caption comments were amusing so I will continue to post images that defy description. There is something about this picture that just makes me smile.  Do you see what I see (click on the image to enlarge)?  The only person I can identify is George Low (5th guy in) who, thank goodness, was not a victim of fashion faux pas.  I think this photo was taken around 1978, which explains a lot!
Posted by John Dojka on November 7, 2008
The Mystery Image is a place this time instead of a person.  I have a feeling that I have seen this house before -- possibly in the Troy vicinity, but I can't quite place it.  I'm kind of getting ahead of the seasons by posting a winter scene in early November!  Do you know where this house is located or who owns it?
Posted by John Dojka on October 27, 2008
I don't have much to say about this image -- I'm clueless.  :-)  Can you identify the professor?  The student?  The equipment?  If so, please leave a comment!
Posted by John Dojka on September 19, 2008
Yesterday, I showed my new student assistant how to "process" some faculty files that we received from Media Relations.  These are files of article reprints, news clippings, photographs and bios regarding faculty that are no longer associated with RPI for various reasons.  We sort this material and file it into our photograph and fac/alum biographical collections.  I pulled out a file to illustrate what should be done with the different types of material and there he was -- the prof in Mystery Image #8!  He was pictured with
Posted by John Dojka on September 9, 2008
Bravo to our blog readers.  All of the mystery images that have been posted thus far have been identified!  So let's move on to the next image. This must be a very serious scholar (You've seen pictures of Da Vinci haven't you??).  Can you put a name with this face?
Posted by John Dojka on June 23, 2008
It's funny how two unrelated people can look so similar. You may have noticed from some of the comments about the mystery images, that their identity can easily be mistaken. A faithful and helpful reader of this blog pointed out to me (offline ;) ) that one of the images in my last post was not the same person as the other two images. Once I had a name for the photo below — Dr. Ivor Preiss — I could compare it to other photographs in our collection. He was right and I have egg on my face!
Posted by John Dojka on June 13, 2008
I have two different views of this prof for you to consider and therefore two photos that need to be filed in the right place. The computer in the first view may help place him in time. I was curious about the sign below the prof in the computer picture so I enlarged it and it reads: IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF YOU OBVIOUSLY ARE INCAPABLE OF USING THIS COMPUTER SO GET OFF IT! (OR LEARN TO LEAVE A CLEAN WORKSPACE BEHIND)
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