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Posted by John Dojka on May 30, 2008
I kind of have a feeling that I should know who this guy is -- but I don't. Architecture -- got that. Professor -- check. If it's obvious to everyone but me, then so be it. Let the comments roll! How about that pointer -- doesn't it seem a little out of proportion? Maybe everything looks bigger next to a small scale model!
Posted by John Dojka on May 16, 2008
This photo really intrigues me! In all of my RPI history travels, which includes extensive research for exhibits on student clubs and student traditions, I haven't found an explanation for this image. I hope I stumble across something someday that will help me identify this curiously dressed group of men! I'm dying to know what they were up to. Was this an early LARP club?!
Posted by John Dojka on May 1, 2008
This is a two-for-one special — ID this person and two unidentified photos find a home! The first photo brings back bad memories of organic chemistry. The 3D molecules that he's holding didn't help me at all. There are some more clues in the second photo. We see a chemistry lab nicely staged with students doing experiments, including a woman with hair and socks that look like trends of the late '80s — which coincidentally was the era when I dropped organic chemistry. :) Who is this prof who kindly shows us what he looks like with and without glasses?
Posted by John Dojka on April 11, 2008
Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for another round of Mystery Image! There is still a thick folder of unidentified photographs on my desk so let's get to it! My best guess about this prof is that he is/was in the School of Engineering. The nicely written notes on the blackboard are Greek to this history nerd. I like the self-satisfied, arms crossed pose. Do you recognize him? If so, click on Comments and ring in —  wait, that's another show —  type in?!
Posted by John Dojka on February 8, 2008
This photograph has been kicking around my desk for some time. The house looked familiar, but I couldn't quite place it. I showed it to my colleagues and they also remembered seeing it before — but where?
Posted by John Dojka on January 16, 2008
Who is this corn cob pipe-smoking, bow tie-wearing professor at the typewriter?
Posted by John Dojka on December 21, 2007
Do you know this professor? Can you identify any of the formulas on the blackboard?
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