Posted by Amy the Archivist on September 19, 2008 in

Yesterday, I showed my new student assistant how to "process" some faculty files that we received from Media Relations.  These are files of article reprints, news clippings, photographs and bios regarding faculty that are no longer associated with RPI for various reasons.  We sort this material and file it into our photograph and faculty/alum biographical collections.  I pulled out a file to illustrate what should be done with the different types of material and there he was -- the prof in Mystery Image #8!  He was pictured with another prof that I know and their names written on the back of the photograph.  Sadly, I also learned that he died in 1999.  I usually get excited when I happen upon information that solves a mystery -- in fact I kind of thrive on it!  In this case, however, I was a little disappointed. :-/  It's kind of like coming across an unwrapped present before Christmas.  It would have been much more satisfying to get the identity from a reader's comment.  So, even though I have a name to put with this image, I'm not going to reveal the identity here. Instead, I hope that someone out there in the blogosphere will provide the answer and perhaps share a memory as well.

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