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Posted by John Dojka on June 12, 2012
"Flossie, the girl at the Boarding House." In our earlier post on the Class of 1912 we described the summer surveys conducted by students between their sophomore and junior years.
Posted by John Dojka on June 12, 2012
Class of 1912 in front of the Troy Music Hall. June 12 is the 100th anniversary of the Class of 1912’s graduation from Rensselaer and we want to mark the occasion by providing some background on what the student experience was like at Rensselaer over a
Posted by John Dojka on June 8, 2012
Rendering of the proposed gymnasium as it appeared in the 1912 Transit. As we noted in our Commencement 1912 post, the ’87 Gymnasium was dedicated in June 1912.
Posted by John Dojka on May 4, 2012
Rensselaer’s 86th annual commencement exercises were held in the Troy Music Hall on Wednesday June 12, 1912. Institute President Palmer C. Ricketts presented diplomas to 118 graduating seniors. The Class of 1912 was the largest class to date to graduate from the Institute.
Posted by John Dojka on April 26, 2012
During the construction of EMPAC, the Institute Archives and Special Collections had an exhibit in the Folsom Library lobby about performance spaces at RPI.  Now with EMPAC well into its third year as a complete and dedicated space for the performing arts at Rensselaer, I had the opportunity to create an online exhibit from materials in the archives, including items used in the
Posted by John Dojka on December 8, 2011
The Rensselaer Pup has some wonderful examples of graphic design and student art from the first half of the 20th century.  As a student-generated humor magazine it possesses some questionable content as well as beautiful covers.  Often the images from the covers play toward other popular magazines or comics of the time.  A few covers sport photographs, but the majority
Posted by Amy the Archivist on July 7, 2011
I started this blog more than three years ago, to post unidentified images and share information about the history of RPI. It was kind of an experiment, but it quickly became a pet project of mine. I was thrilled when people began responding with answers, comments and memories! I hope I've been able to illustrate that the history of the Institute is made up of the stories of many, many incredible people.
Posted by Amy the Archivist on July 1, 2011
We're wrapping up our five-day mystery image blitz with an image that I find curious. There's just something odd about the pose of the two men and the looks on their faces! I really wish I knew more about the context of this photograph. Does anyone know who they are and why they would have been pictured together?
Posted by Amy the Archivist on June 30, 2011
Hmmmm, about a size 11? Who is this man who puts his feet up at work?
Posted by Amy the Archivist on June 29, 2011
We're on a roll! Two identifications down, three to go. Give this one a try.
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