Create Your Own!

When we provide titles or descriptions to images in our database they’re usually very basic and point out identifiable characteristics of the photo so we can easily retrieve it for patrons or internal use. For example, the description for this image might be “Man using torch in lab.”

Since this photo includes an element of multitasking that we just don’t see anymore I thought our audience would find humor in providing their own title or caption to the mysterious image.

If you know who this is, and where they are, please let us know. More importantly, have some fun, give us a title and caption for the image too!!

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6 Responses to Create Your Own!

  1. Lenda Lyman says:

    The first RPI light saber

  2. Norris Pearson says:

    “I’ll show you a REAL cigarette lighter” (note what is in his left hand)

  3. Jeff Miner says:

    “Lab safety?” Yeah, I got that covered.

  4. Jen says:

    So far, we’re smiling from ear to ear. Keep ‘um comin’!

  5. John H. says:

    “Got gas?” (Acetylene, that is).

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