Mystery Image #11 – create a caption

The first create a caption comments were amusing so I will continue to post images that defy description. There is something about this picture that just makes me smile.  Do you see what I see (click on the image to enlarge)?  The only person I can identify is George Low (5th guy in) who, thank goodness, was not a victim of fashion faux pas.  I think this photo was taken around 1978, which explains a lot!

At the expense of these distinguished gentlemen, who no doubt deserve our respect, can we poke a little fun and come up with a caption for this photo?

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11 Responses to Mystery Image #11 – create a caption

  1. Bert says:

    Sorry, amythearchivist, I have no caption, but I have one comment. If you want to identify the men in the photo, send it to the folks at CSI. They always manage to coax details from images; maybe they can read the guys’ name tags and identify everyone!

  2. Joe says:

    RPI President George M. Low ’48 is in the middle.

  3. Joe says:

    And now for the witty (?) caption:

    Plaid suit?!? PLAID SUIT?!? I thought you said “dark suit”!

  4. Katie says:

    I wish:
    1) that plaid suits would come back.
    2) that this picture was in color so we could get the full effect.

  5. amythearchivist says:

    Plaid suits — not so much, but I do wish that the picture was in color!

  6. Doug says:

    “As part of the RPI fraternity initiation, new members had to wear plaid suits every day for two weeks. After many complaints by the good citizens of Troy, this hazing was discontinued after two years.”

  7. Joann Taylor says:

    Given the plaid suits, the widths of the ties, and George Low’s hair, I am going to put that picture at about 1977 – if Low was indeed president at the time it was taken – possibly a little earlier.

    Pictures of him in the 1981 Transit have him with way less hair…(and thankfully, no plaid suit).

  8. Herb Asbury says:


    “I just donated $100,000 to be in this picture…smile!!!”

  9. Harvey Solomon says:

    Men, maybe our wives were right about engineers not knowing how to dress properly

  10. MVolk says:

    Nice suit. Somewhere, there is a Ford Pinto without it’s seat covers.

  11. Rebecca Segal says:

    this might be at or around the time of George Low’s installation as President of the University. There are a few pictures in the 1977 Transit – with a story that the installation took place October 8, 1976. Perhaps there are more pictures of the event to compare these men? Maybe some trustees or other important board?

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