Have a Very Poly Holiday

The end of the Fall semester is always associated with the holiday break. As for faculty and staff, we go our separate ways for awhile, and head off to enjoy a break with friends, family, and loved ones.

As for students, the semester is finally over! Back in the 1980’s, students expressed their joy and excitement for the break by being creative with the mastheads for the last Polytechnic issues of the year. Each final issue included common motifs related to holidays, celebrations, and winter fun: presents, candles, snowmen, reindeer, Santas, stockings, wreaths, menorahs, martini glasses, skiing, and sleighing, to name a few.

As the last post of the year by Archives staff, we chose a few mastheads for you to see in the hopes that you find joy in what we dredge up!

Happy Holidays from John, Jen, and Tammy (the Archivists) – we’ll see you next year!

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