Commencement 1916

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1916 TransitEvery year leading up to commencement, we revisit the proud heritage that we have here at Rensselaer and offer the community glimpses into our history.  To the Class of 2016, we congratulate you and wish you the best moving forward. You too are leaving a legacy behind, as did the students in 1916.

Here are a few parting words from the Class of 1916 as found in the Transit from 1917: Class of 1916

"This chapter completes the history of the Class of 1916. We are now looking forward to June with a feeling of joy and relief not interspersed with regret. For nearly four years we have given "Old Rensselaer" our best effort. She has given us her store of knowledge. The future only will tell where the balance stands...We will soon be busy on our theses after which we will go out into the world of real problems to 'toil for thy glory, Old Rensselaer.' In leaving we can but beg forgiveness for any transgressions we have been guilty of in the past and give the Faculty our best wishes for the future." Class of 1916

Commencement took place on Wednesday, June 14th in the '87 Gymnasium. Alfred Treadway White (Class of 1865) gave the Commencement speech to a graduating class consisting of 75. The first-ever doctoral degree was awarded that year in electrical engineering along with a bachelors degree in science (1) and engineering : civil (37), mechanical (15), electrical (18), and chemical (2).

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