Mystery Image #33

It’s time for another mystery image! I realized this morning that we haven’t posted anything bewildering in quite a while.

Who is the man in the photo? Can anyone tell us about that specimen he seems to be focusing on?

Mystery Image #33As always, we are eager to hear from you!

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4 Responses to Mystery Image #33

  1. Katie says:

    Looks like mid-70’s, judging from the video camera?

  2. Richard Scammell says:

    This is Harry Meiners, a professor of Physics. He is probably giving one of his physics demonstrations to a class.

    • Jen says:

      Thank you Richard! It’s nice to finally get a name. I’m still curious about that specimen though…Any thoughts on the matter?

  3. Tom Engel says:

    Prof. Meiners usually smoked like a chimney during those early 70’s demonstration lectures, nicknamed The Magic Show. I’m guessing that the object in question is his lighter.

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