Falling Objects

Untitled-8I’ve come across photographs in the Archives that depict students doing some interesting things on campus! I thought I’d seen it all until recently. Perusing the Grand Marshal Week photograph file, I discovered the images you see to the left and below but I need some verification from our readership. When I found these images I recalled a comment someone made to me last fall regarding students back in the 1980s participating in something called an “egg drop.” In fact these photos are dated 1985. Readers, is this it? I don’t see eggs here but I do see baskets being dropped from windows.

I will be so happy if our readership provides me with some insight on the “event,” and maybe stories. Were you there? Are you in the photo? Was this an ongoing Tradition?

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11 Responses to Falling Objects

  1. EricM says:

    Yes – at least in the late 80’s GM Week included an egg drop. The idea was to create a container or capsule that would allow an egg to survive the drop. I thought that the drop occurred from the roof of the JEC but your pictures seem to indicate it was from a window.

    Eric ’87

  2. Andrea says:

    I was at RPI 1998-2002 and I remember seeing flyers for egg drops. Not sure if it was a GM Week activity though.

    • Jen says:

      Thank you Andrea, I’m hoping to gather more and more information about this event (even if its not GM related)- the link I provided in my response to Eric included very young kids participating in egg dropping as well, as part of Exploring Engineering Day with 450 kids, very cool! BTW- I’m so excited to hear from such a recent graduate! Stay tuned…

  3. John Barthel says:

    The Egg Drop Contest was originally held from the roof of the JEC , but the roof of the JEC has the exhaust blowers for the fume hoods in the labs on it, so it was decided that being on the roof breathing the exhaust from the labs was not a good idea. The contest was moved to the 7th floor conference room some time in the 1980’s, and the roof locked except for designated times.

  4. Cameron Mclean says:

    Tau Beta Pi sponsors the Egg drop every at GM week. Some years it was out of the CII. During these past construction year, it was off the JEC. It is great to know it started in the ’80’s. I know it has been held every year since 1993.
    Cameron McLean, Director of Student Activities

  5. Holly Steciuk says:

    I think the Archer Center for Student Leadership Development used to do egg drops too – or at least were involved in them.

  6. Ken V says:

    This was done every year for many years during GM week. I believe it started before I got here in 1983. I recall the eggs being dropped from the 7th floor of JEC (probably from the window of the conference room 7003) down to the courtyard on the south side of JEC (where the statue of Erik Jonsson sits) where there was a target drawn on a large tarp. If more than one egg survived, the one closest to the bulls eye won.

    I think there is a new version which is outside and only from the JEC walkway to the ground below. Here is a flyer: http://concerto.rpi.edu/admin/wall/ext/1/8928

    The video you posted was for children. That is inside the lobby of JEC. They are tossing from the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor.

  7. Judy Picarillo says:

    Yes, it was an egg drop during GM week. The students put eggs in a container that they made and dropped it from an upper floor of the JEC to the circle between the JEC and DCC. The purpose was to see if the egg could withstand the drop in the container without breaking.

  8. Jen says:

    Thank you everyone who contributed to this post. It’s great to share and discuss such recent history! And there’s certainly more to share – stay tuned…

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