Signs, Seals, & Symbols

Official seal, 1904.

The “R,” for RPI sports.

With the new academic year approaching I decided to stage an exhibition of signs, seals, & symbols designed and used by the Institute’s offices and students throughout its history. The main point emphasized is that Rensselaer reaches its community through numerous visual methods.


The Swarm, 1980s.

The Institute’s official seal, the word “Rensselaer,” signifying icons such as the engineer, slide rule, and the transit, the student run newspaper The Polytechnic, sports, and the transition of logos embody the Institute, student traditions and alumni pride.

“The Engineer” 1940s.

We encourage our fan base of “RPI History Revealed” to visit Folsom Library to view the exhibit of visual materials displayed and take a trip down history lane. I’ve included here a small preview of the items and ideas conveyed in the exhibit. The exhibit will run until the end of the fall semester. Enjoy!

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