Mystery Image #28

We’re wrapping up our five-day mystery image blitz with an image that I find curious. There’s just something odd about the pose of the two men and the looks on their faces! I really wish I knew more about the context of this photograph. Does anyone know who they are and why they would have been pictured together?

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2 Responses to Mystery Image #28

  1. John Bishop says:

    Perhaps a dean’s home or the President’s home?

  2. Michele Martens says:

    I believe it is of two former Lally School faculty members, when we were just the School of Management. It was the first floor conference room at the time in what is now Lally Hall – identifiable by the fireplace. The building used to be the Student Union, I think. The standing faculty is Dr. Jeffery Lippitt and the seated faculty is Dr. Bruce Oliver.

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