Mystery Image #24


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Based on the way the power is run on the walls it should be someone who worked in the JEC.

John Brunski (also Professor Emeritus at RPI)
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This is Dr. Hyo Sub Yoon, who used to work as a research associate of Professor J.L. Katz ("Larry" Katz) from approximately 1970 up until the mid-1980s (if memory serves). Larry Katz -- who originally was in the Physics Department along with Dr. Yoon -- later became professor of biomedical engineering and was the first Chairman of the Center for Biomedical Engineering. Dr. Yoon came with him. The Center for Biomedical Engineering was the forerunner of the current Dept. of Biomedical Engineering. I knoew both of these people rather well. Drs. Katz and Yoon published a large number of papers about the mechanical properties of bone as determined by ultrasonic methods (using the sort of equipment pictured in the background of this image). These were classic papers that are still cited today, especially when it comes to anisotropic properties of bone.

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Thanks for your response Dr. Brunski. It's great to have this information. I'll file Dr. Yoon's photo in it's proper place!

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