Mystery Image #15

Here is another mystery image for your consideration.  The record is now 13-1.  Mystery Image #14 still lacks identification — and I had such high hopes.  🙁

Can you identify this gentleman?  Do you know where the photo was taken?

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6 Responses to Mystery Image #15

  1. Joann Taylor '81 says:

    That is Woody Gillies of the Chemistry Department.

  2. Joann Taylor '81 says:

    Sorry, that got cut off…judging from the cabinetry behind him, the photo was taken somewhere in Cogswell Laboratory.

  3. amythearchivist says:

    Excellent! Charles “Woody” Gillies it is!

  4. Bill Criss says:

    Looks like Woody is working on an early prototype of a chemical laser !!

  5. Curt Breneman (Dean of Science, Chemistry faculty since 1989) says:

    Woody was working on supersonic sprays in a vacuum and looking at them using microwave spectroscopy to study “loosely bound complexes in the gas phase”. The picture was taken on the third floor of Cogswell Labs.

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