RPI Day?

Posted by John Dojka on March 20, 2009 in

Did you know that March 21st , 1974 was proclaimed "RPI Day" in New York State?

Resolved, That Governor Malcolm Wilson be and hereby is respectfully memorialized to publish and declare by appropriate proclamation to the people of the state designating for observance this year the twenty-first day of March as "RPI Day", since it was on this day in 1826 that the Legislature passed an act incorporating what was then the Rensselaer School.

Such declarations apparently expire after "this year,"  (which seems kind of silly given all the effort to make it happen) so you won't see RPI Day on New York State calendars this year.

Since March 21st is a historic milestone in the history of RPI, we should celebrate!  Many colleges have a Founder's Day, Charter Day or [enter name of school] Day so why not RPI?  There seems to be an increased interest in old school traditions, which is great, but perhaps new traditions based on our rich history should also be considered.

I made other plans before I realized the significance of this date, so I'm sorry I won't be available to judge an Amos Eaton look-a-like contest or read the Acts of Incorporation aloud at noon in front of the Union.  Maybe next year.  ;-)

Happy RPI Day!275

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