Mystery Image #13

Here we have another professor at the blackboard pose to ponder.  Please identify this prof and leave a comment.  If you happen to recognize the formula(s), feel free to share that information as well.

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3 Responses to Mystery Image #13

  1. I believe this is a young Prof. Gerald Korenowski from the chemistry department. He taught me undergraduate physical chemistry in the early 1990s.

    His current info is at

  2. amythearchivist says:

    Thanks for the id! It’s really helpful to get information from people who were around at the time the pictures were taken. Once I have a name, I can check the photos we already have on file and compare them to the orphan photos. A photo similar to #13 (except he isn’t wearing glasses) is in Dr. Korenowski’s file. Mystery solved.

  3. Joann Taylor says:

    Yup, that is definitely Jerry. Probably taken in his first year at RPI, which would have been the 81-82 school year.

    The formula looks like something from Non-linear Spectroscopy.

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