I was recently asked a question about RPI memorabilia so I thought I would share an example of what we have in our collection. We receive donations from alums, their families and other generous people.  We also regularly troll Ebay looking for RPI related material to add to our collections. (BTW, we NEVER sell anything on ebay!!) We’ve been able to acquire commencement programs, sports media guides, photographs and memorabilia. A fun item that we purchased this past year is the silver bracelet pictured below. This bracelet was probably a Soiree memento given to the female guest of an RPI student. We have a couple of bracelets from other years that were given at Soiree. The guys at RPI would invite girls from Russell Sage, Smith, Vassar, Albany Teacher’s College, and other womens’ colleges to attend dances sponsored by classes or fraternities. The Soiree was the biggest event of the year.

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