Mystery Image #4 – two for one

This is a two for one special — ID this person and two unidentified photos find a home. The first photo brings back bad memories of organic chemistry. The 3D molecules that he’s holding didn’t help me at all. There are some more clues in the second photo. We see a chemistry lab nicely staged with students doing experiments, including a woman with hair and socks that look like trends of the late ’80s — which coincidentally was the era when I dropped organic chemistry. 🙂

Who is this prof who kindly shows us what he looks like with and without glasses?

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6 Responses to Mystery Image #4 – two for one

  1. Megan says:

    looks a little like burt swersey

  2. amythearchivist says:

    Good try Megan, but I checked other images of Burt Swersey and he doesn’t quite match. I’m fairly certain this prof taught chemistry.

  3. Irv Stephens says:

    I consulted Prof. Joseph Warden who confirmed that this is Prof. Keven Potts, who was Department Chair of Chemistry.

  4. amythearchivist says:

    I also heard from another source that this is Dr. Potts, professor of chemistry. These identified photos now join several others in our image database check it out!

  5. Thomas V. Griffin says:

    Positively – Prof. Kevin Potts, Chemistry

  6. Kevin Potts, he is my great uncle. As I am a biochemist and he is my mentor, I am brought to tears by these photographs

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