Planning Your Visit

Covid-19  - Any changes to regular services are informed by Rensselaer's Fall 2022 University Health and Safety Protocols.

The following lists are things we feel researchers need to know prior to visiting the Institute Archives and Special Collections at Rensselaer

Use of Archival Materials in the Reference Room

  • Archival materials are not made available for browsing by the public.
  • Procedures are in place to ensure the security and longevity of the collections.
  • Only pencils, paper, digital cameras, and mobile devices are permissible in the reading room.
  • Scans and photocopies of materials are available in most cases for a small fee.
  • Researchers interested in photographing items must receive permission.
  • Copies are provided for personal research use only and may not be published without permission.

What to expect when visiting the Archives:

  • All researchers are required to complete a registration form and provide a photo ID..
  • Researchers will be asked to place any bags, coats, and other personal belongings in a secure location.
  • Only pencils, paper, digital cameras, and mobile devices are permissible in the reading room.
  • Researchers will receive instruction by an archivist on proper use and handling of the material as well as any special treatment necessary for the item or items selected.
  • An archivist will remain in the reading room to provide any assistance.
  • Due to complexity, fragility, storage, size, and the manner of organization in an archives, researchers will need assistance finding material.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to work with staff and the materials retrieved for you (care, patience and attention are required).
  • Be prepared to wait for copies if you need them.

Policies and procedures in the Archives and Special Collections are different than Folsom library’s general collection.

  • A confidential record is kept of researchers through registration procedures.
  • Research is conducted in the designated research room on the 3rd floor of Folsom Library.
  • All researchers must place all personal items (bags, backpacks, and purses) away from the table they are occupying.
  • No pens and food or drink allowed in the reference room.
  • We have “closed stacks.” Researchers must request materials.
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