Class Visits and Instruction

The Institute Archives and Special Collections welcome the opportunity to facilitate student engagement with primary sources and object-based learning. We are committed to integrating our collections of manuscripts, books, institute archives, and other materials into the academic life of Rensselaer.

Archivists are happy to help select material and work with faculty to structure a class or accommodate specific class projects. Classes usually visit the Archives for a single, focused, hands-on session, but we welcome the possibility of additional methods of instruction. We can also reserve key material for students to investigate over the semester.

Our main Reading Room can seat up to 24 students for class instruction, but no more than 4 students at a time who return for one one-on-one instruction and guidance with an archivist.

Professors who are planning to utilize the Institute Archives and Special Collections for their course must notify the Institute Archivist one semester before the course begins to discuss needs, expectations, and research focus. If the Archives is not notified there is no guarantee staff can be available to assist. 

Please visit the Archives 101: Guidance for Effective Research page for resources and guidance.

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