U.S. Navy Flag Officers with Rensselaer Degrees

From the mid – nineteenth century to the present, Rensselaer graduates have played prominent roles in the United States Navy, including over 70 graduates who achieved flag officer rank—commodores (now an obsolete rank) and admirals. Many of these officers were members of the Navy Civil Engineer Corps (CEC), with the primary mission of supporting the Fleet and U.S. Marine Corps shore establishment by providing professional facilities engineering services and management at all Navy and Marine Corps facilities worldwide. CEC officers served with the Bureau of Yards and Docks (now the Naval Facilities Engineering Command) and the Seabees. More recent graduates of flag officer rank have followed varying career paths, including aviation, submarines, and supply and logistics.

RankNameDegreeDate of Degree
AdmiralLima e Silva de Moraes, OctavioM. MG1957
AdmiralJones, Horace B.B.S., C.E., M.C.E.1932, 1933
AdmiralReinman, Kenneth J.B.S., C.H.E.1971
AdmiralZlatoper, Ronald J.B.S., D.E.H.1963, 1995
Vice AdmiralEasterling, Crawford A.B.E.E., M.S., E.A.A.1951
Vice AdmiralFay, Albert J.B.S., C.E., M.C.E.1932, 1933
Vice AdmiralManning, John J.C.E.1915
Vice AdmiralShort, Wallace B.B.S., C.E., M.C.E.1927, 1929
Vice AdmiralStrain, Charles, L.B.S., C.E., M.C.E.1929, 1930
Vice AdmiralThomas, KarlMGT1986
Rear AdmiralBartlett, James V.B.C.E., M.C.E.1944, 1945
Rear AdmiralBottorff, David E.B.C.E.1961
Rear AdmiralBrown, Scott MichaelEng. Phys1991
Rear AdmiralBruns, Henry F.C.E.1914
Rear AdmiralBryerJoyner, Susan M.Materials Engineering1991
Rear AdmiralChambers, Frank T.C.E.1892
Rear AdmiralChurch, GaylordC.E.1913
Rear AdmiralChurch, William C.B.S., C.E., M.C.E.1938, 1939
Rear AdmiralClark, Henry G.C.E.1934
Rear AdmiralClements, N.W.B.C.E.1951
Rear AdmiralCombs, Lewis B.C.E.1916
Rear AdmiralConner, Donald L.B.C.E.1958
Rear AdmiralCoxe, Lewis C.B.S., B.C.E., M.C.E.1938, 1939
Rear AdmiralDavis, James R.B.S., B.C.E., M.C.E.1938, 1939
Rear AdmiralDoebler, James C.M.E.1969
Rear AdmiralDrustrup, Norman J.B.S., B.C.E., M.C.E.1937, 1938
Rear AdmiralEndicott, Mordecai T.C.E.1868
Rear AdmiralFisher, John R.M.C.E.1950
Rear AdmiralFraser, John C. Jr.B.C.E.1959
Rear AdmiralGuimond, Richard J.B.S., M.E., M.S., N.E.1970
Rear AdmiralHeid, Charles C.M.C.E.1955
Rear AdmiralHill, Clarence A. Jr.B.S., M. MG E.1957
Rear AdmiralHoffman, Chauncey F.tbd1953
Rear AdmiralHopkins, Lewis A.M.S.M.E.1947
Rear AdmiralHusband, Alexander C.B.S.,C.E., M.C.E.1939, 1940
Rear AdmiralIselin, Donald G.B.C.E., M.C.E.1948
Rear AdmiralIves, Jon R.B.C.E.1961
Rear AdmiralJelley, Joseph F., Jr.B.S.,C.E., M.C.E.1931, 1932
Rear AdmiralJellison, James L.M. MS1964
Rear AdmiralJesberg, Ronald H.B.S.1957
Rear AdmiralJones, John P.B.C.E.1957
Rear AdmiralJones, Raymond G. Jr.M.S.1970
Rear AdmiralJortberg, Robert F.B.C.E., M. MG E.1951
Rear AdmiralKlemm, William R.M.B.A.1974
Rear AdmiralLalor, Foster M. Jr.B.S., B.C.E., M.C.E.1947, 1948
Rear AdmiralLyden, Michael J.B.S.1978
Rear AdmiralManning, Kenneth P.B.M.E.1963
Rear AdmiralMarschall, Albert R.B.C.E., M.C.E.1948
Rear AdmiralMatthews, James T.C.E.1918
Rear AdmiralMeade, Robert H.C.E.1929
Rear AdmiralMontgomery, James W.M. MG1959
Rear AdmiralMontoya, Benjamin F.B.C.E.1960
Rear AdmiralMurdoch, James A.B.S.1980
Rear AdmiralOsborn, James B.A.B.,B.S.,E.E., M.M.E.1948
Rear AdmiralParks, Charles W.C.E.1884
Rear AdmiralPerry, John R.C.E., M.C.E.1926, 1927
Rear AdmiralPrindle, Franklin C.tbd1863
Rear AdmiralRae, Charles, W.C.E.1866
Rear AdmiralRobb, James A.B.S.1972
Rear AdmiralRohrbach, RichardB.C.E.1965
Rear AdmiralRousseau, Harry H.C.E.1891
Rear AdmiralSeabury, Claire C.B.S., C.E., M.C.E.1928, 1929
Rear AdmiralSears, Kenneth P.B.C.E.1950
Rear AdmiralSeufer, Paul E.C.E., M.S.1935
Rear AdmiralSihler, WilliamB.S.,C.E., M.C.E.1928, 1929
Rear AdmiralSmith, KirbyC.E.1910
Rear AdmiralSmith, Norman M.B.A., C.E.H.1909, 1939
Rear AdmiralSpedero Jr., Paul CarlM.E.1990
Rear AdmiralStorms, James G. IIIB. MG, M.MG1954, 1964
Rear AdmiralTaylor, Henry G.C.E.1913
Rear AdmiralThiele, Edward H.B.S., B. MG E.1949
Rear AdmiralVanpoots, Michael RichardB.S. Eng. Physics1995
Rear AdmiralWalton, Albion W. Jr.B.S., B.C.E.1948
Rear AdmiralWilson, James D.C.E.1921
Rear AdmiralWiman, Kenneth G.B.C.E.1957
Rear AdmiralWojnar, Theodore J.B.S., B.C.E.1959
Rear AdmiralWooding, Robert R.B.S.,B.C.E., M.C.E.1944, 1945
Rear AdmiralZobel, William M.B.C.E.1955
CommodoreFink, B.W.B.S., C.E., M.C.E.1926, 1927
CommodoreHunter, Archibald D.B.S., C.E., M.C.E.1930, 1931
CommodoreNeedham, H.P.B.S., C.E., M.C.E.1926, 1927
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