U.S. Navy Flag Officers with Rensselaer Degrees

From the mid – nineteenth century to the present, Rensselaer graduates have played prominent roles in the United States Navy, including over 70 graduates who achieved flag officer rank—commodores (now an obsolete rank) and admirals. Many of these officers were members of the Navy Civil Engineer Corps (CEC), with the primary mission of supporting the Fleet and U.S. Marine Corps shore establishment by providing professional facilities engineering services and management at all Navy and Marine Corps facilities worldwide. CEC officers served with the Bureau of Yards and Docks (now the Naval Facilities Engineering Command) and the Seabees. More recent graduates of flag officer rank have followed varying career paths, including aviation, submarines, and supply and logistics.

Rank Name Degree Date of Degree
Admiral Lima e Silva de Moraes, Octavio M. MG 1957
Admiral Brown, Scott Michael Eng. Phys 1991
Admiral Jones, Horace B. B.S., C.E., M.C.E. 1932, 1933
Admiral Reinman, Kenneth J. B.S., C.H.E. 1971
Admiral Spedero Jr., Paul Carl M.E. 1990
Admiral Zlatoper, Ronald J. B.S., D.E.H. 1963, 1995
Vice Admiral Easterling, Crawford A. B.E.E., M.S., E.A.A. 1951
Vice Admiral Fay, Albert J. B.S., C.E., M.C.E. 1932, 1933
Vice Admiral Manning, John J. C.E. 1915
Vice Admiral Short, Wallace B. B.S., C.E., M.C.E. 1927, 1929
Vice Admiral Strain, Charles, L. B.S., C.E., M.C.E. 1929, 1930
Rear Admiral Bartlett, James V. B.C.E., M.C.E. 1944, 1945
Rear Admiral Bottorff, David E. B.C.E. 1961
Rear Admiral Bruns, Henry F. C.E. 1914
Rear Admiral BryerJoyner, Susan M. Materials Engineering 1991
Rear Admiral Chambers, Frank T. C.E. 1892
Rear Admiral Church, Gaylord C.E. 1913
Rear Admiral Church, William C. B.S., C.E., M.C.E. 1938, 1939
Rear Admiral Clark, Henry G. C.E. 1934
Rear Admiral Clements, N.W. B.C.E. 1951
Rear Admiral Combs, Lewis B. C.E. 1916
Rear Admiral Conner, Donald L. B.C.E. 1958
Rear Admiral Coxe, Lewis C. B.S., B.C.E., M.C.E. 1938, 1939
Rear Admiral Davis, James R. B.S., B.C.E., M.C.E. 1938, 1939
Rear Admiral Doebler, James C. M.E. 1969
Rear Admiral Drustrup, Norman J. B.S., B.C.E., M.C.E. 1937, 1938
Rear Admiral Endicott, Mordecai T. C.E. 1868
Rear Admiral Fisher, John R. M.C.E. 1950
Rear Admiral Fraser, John C. Jr. B.C.E. 1959
Rear Admiral Guimond, Richard J. B.S., M.E., M.S., N.E. 1970
Rear Admiral Heid, Charles C. M.C.E. 1955
Rear Admiral Hill, Clarence A. Jr. B.S., M. MG E. 1957
Rear Admiral Hoffman, Chauncey F. tbd 1953
Rear Admiral Hopkins, Lewis A. M.S.M.E. 1947
Rear Admiral Husband, Alexander C. B.S.,C.E., M.C.E. 1939, 1940
Rear Admiral Iselin, Donald G. B.C.E., M.C.E. 1948
Rear Admiral Ives, Jon R. B.C.E. 1961
Rear Admiral Jelley, Joseph F., Jr. B.S.,C.E., M.C.E. 1931, 1932
Rear Admiral Jellison, James L. M. MS 1964
Rear Admiral Jesberg, Ronald H. B.S. 1957
Rear Admiral Jones, John P. B.C.E. 1957
Rear Admiral Jones, Raymond G. Jr. M.S. 1970
Rear Admiral Jortberg, Robert F. B.C.E., M. MG E. 1951
Rear Admiral Klemm, William R. M.B.A. 1974
Rear Admiral Lalor, Foster M. Jr. B.S., B.C.E., M.C.E. 1947, 1948
Rear Admiral Lyden, Michael J. B.S. 1978
Rear Admiral Manning, Kenneth P. B.M.E. 1963
Rear Admiral Marschall, Albert R. B.C.E., M.C.E. 1948
Rear Admiral Matthews, James T. C.E. 1918
Rear Admiral Meade, Robert H. C.E. 1929
Rear Admiral Montgomery, James W. M. MG 1959
Rear Admiral Montoya, Benjamin F. B.C.E. 1960
Rear Admiral Murdoch, James A. B.S. 1980
Rear Admiral Osborn, James B. A.B.,B.S.,E.E., M.M.E. 1948
Rear Admiral Parks, Charles W. C.E. 1884
Rear Admiral Perry, John R. C.E., M.C.E. 1926, 1927
Rear Admiral Prindle, Franklin C. tbd 1863
Rear Admiral Rae, Charles, W. C.E. 1866
Rear Admiral Robb, James A. B.S. 1972
Rear Admiral Rohrbach, Richard B.C.E. 1965
Rear Admiral Rousseau, Harry H. C.E. 1891
Rear Admiral Seabury, Claire C. B.S., C.E., M.C.E. 1928, 1929
Rear Admiral Sears, Kenneth P. B.C.E. 1950
Rear Admiral Seufer, Paul E. C.E., M.S. 1935
Rear Admiral Sihler, William B.S.,C.E., M.C.E. 1928, 1929
Rear Admiral Smith, Kirby C.E. 1910
Rear Admiral Smith, Norman M. B.A., C.E.H. 1909, 1939
Rear Admiral Storms, James G. III B. MG, M.MG 1954, 1964
Rear Admiral Taylor, Henry G. C.E. 1913
Rear Admiral Thiele, Edward H. B.S., B. MG E. 1949
Rear Admiral Walton, Albion W. Jr. B.S., B.C.E. 1948
Rear Admiral Wilson, James D. C.E. 1921
Rear Admiral Wiman, Kenneth G. B.C.E. 1957
Rear Admiral Wojnar, Theodore J. B.S., B.C.E. 1959
Rear Admiral Wooding, Robert R. B.S.,B.C.E., M.C.E. 1944, 1945
Rear Admiral Zobel, William M. B.C.E. 1955
Commodore Fink, B.W. B.S., C.E., M.C.E. 1926, 1927
Commodore Hunter, Archibald D. B.S., C.E., M.C.E. 1930, 1931
Commodore Needham, H.P. B.S., C.E., M.C.E. 1926, 1927
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