Finding Roebling Exhibit

Four exhibit cases of reproduced photographs and documents from the Institute Archives/Special Collections, Roebling collection are available for viewing on the main floor of Folsom Library during regular library hours.

Available for viewing by mid-October, “Finding Roebling” will be a multimodal AR experience, all centered on the history of Washington Roebling, builder of the Brooklyn Bridge. Augmentations will compliment the artifacts in the traditional cases by providing additional imagery, animations, 3D models, and text. A second part of the exhibit will simulate author Erica Wagner’s research journey through the archives to develop her new biography of Washington Roebling, “Chief Engineer.” Erica’s desk is playfully re-created, strewn with reproductions of manuscripts and objects from the Rensselaer archives that were instrumental in her research. Using a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet, the user accesses AR content tied to each physical object, including videos, animations, and images that illustrate Erica’s story.

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