Access Policy for Institute Archival Records

The intent of this policy is to safeguard the confidentiality of information about individuals and certain RPI operations while at the same time permitting access to research materials. Every effort is made to open these records for research as expeditiously as possible.  However, as explained below, most Institute records, with the exception of publications and other public policy statements, are closed to researchers for varying lengths of time.

RPI archival records will be closed for twenty years from the date of their creation, or, in the case of records of Institute officers and administrators, twenty years from the date on which the person leaves office. and applies to the entire body of records created during the administrator's tenure. Accessions of records documenting the activities of other Institute units and offices are opened for research 20 years after the latest inclusive date of each accession. Exceptions to the twenty years restriction period are:

Board of trustees minutes and records: restricted for 50 years

Development records: restricted for 50 years

Personnel records: restricted for 75 years

Student records: restricted for 75 years

Only staff of the office of origin may have access to a restricted collection.

Requests for permission to examine any Institute records in connection with cases at law or legal proceedings of any kind will be referred to the Institute's legal counsel.

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