Isadore M. Fixman

Isadore M. Fixman ’27

The Isadore M. Fixman Historical Collections | We give sincere thanks to Isadore M. Fixman, of the Class of ’27. Fixman was a Trustee of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute until his tragic death in September 1969, and had a deep sense of Rensselaer’s historic position as a focal point for the rise of science and technology in the United States. Thus, he honored and revered the founder of the university, Stephen Van Rensselaer. He diligently collected Van Rensselaer archives and artifacts in the conviction that the future would recognize the truly far sighted vision involved in the founding of this university.

In recognition of Isadore Fixman’s own vision and his tireless service to Rensselaer, the university has designated its accumulated historic manuscripts and documents – including the Van Rensselaer Collection developed by Mr. Fixman and donated to the university by his widow, Mrs. Fannabell Fixman – the Fixman Historical Collections.

Roebling Collection

Roebling Collection, early rope machine, 1848

Mission Statement | To appraise, collect, organize, describe, preserve, and make available Institute records of historical value and special collections materials documenting nineteenth and twentieth century science and technology as defined in the department’s collection development policy. To provide adequate facilities for the retention, preservation, servicing, and research use of such materials. To serve as a research center for the study of the Institute’s history and the history of science and technology by members of the Institute and the scholarly community at large. To provide information services to assist in the Institute’s administration and operations. To serve in a public relations capacity by promoting knowledge and understanding of the origins, programs, and goals of the Institute and their development.