Signs of Life: The Frat Party Posters

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6 Responses to Signs of Life: The Frat Party Posters

  1. Dave Koschnick '73 says:

    Then there were those that proudly proclaimed to be members of Gamma Delta Iota – or as the frat boys preferred to call us “God Damn Independants.”

  2. scott sands says:

    Is there some way to see these posters on line?

    • gobert says:

      Most of the posters can be viewed in a slideshow near the bottom of the post. Just above the Pi Kappa Tau poster there are three options: Play, Prev, and Next. Click on them to either play the entire slideshow or to browse them at your own pace. Enjoy!

  3. Rick Gordon '65 says:

    In those days, the ‘legal’ age in NY was 18. If you were an RPI student, you were legal!
    All (or 80% at least) were open parties – to anyone on campus – helping the houses to defray band costs.

    BTW, almost total absence of problems – other than a difficult time walking home ….. even is it meant going up (or down) the Approach.

  4. steve says:

    Hey Dave, at least we “frat boys” know how to spell ‘Independents’!

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