Rensselaer School Extended Circular, 1830


After a successful trial of the Experimental and Dissertation method of teaching, justly called the Rensselaer plan of Education, with young gentlemen over 17 years, called Circle Students, for the last five years; the Trustees have directed me, as school agent, to extend the plan to younger students, denominated Preparation Students. Accordingly a separate unit of rooms will be assigned to preparation students, leaving the circle students to pursue their course as usual. This arrangement will be put in practice on the third Wednesday of next November. Winter term 12 weeks – Spring term, from 1st Wednesday in March, 15 weeks – Fall term from 3d Wednesday in July, 15 weeks.

A carriage, upon the plan of New York accommodation carriages, (cut longer, lower, better enclosed, with the entrance behind to prevent accidents) will daily fetch and return every pupil who resides in any part of Troy, without additional charge, between the School and the Poesten Kill. The carriage will pass down one principal street and return by another, morning and evening, at a fixed hour, so as to take up and return the pupils wherever parents or guardians direct. By this arrangement children will have the benefit of country air and exercise, daily, without exposure or an opportunity to be truant.

Students will be charged for the time of attendance only – reckoning from the time of entrance to the time of leaving the school. For the winter term of 12 weeks, $8, for the two summer terms of 15 weeks, (?) each : excepting for experimental Chemistry and Natural Philosophy, which will be $15, after deducting the $9 heretofore allowed for chemical tests, reagents, fuel and light – each section of 5 students furnishings its own, together with the small apparatus.

All students taught on the school premises will be called into a common lecture room every day, to attend an experimental or demonstrative lecture, free of additional charges. This course of lectures will compass the circle of learning taught at the school, and will be made accessible to the youthful mind.


1. GEOGRAPHY. Physical, traced from the geological structure of the earth. Civil, traced historically to its present state.

2. MATHEMATICS. Practically applied to Land-surveying, Harbor-surveying, Engineering, Traverse sailing, calculating Eclipses and distance of Planets, Latitude and Longitude, Gauging casks and water-craft, Timber measure, &c.


4. NATURAL HISTORY, including Mineralogy, Geology, Botany and Zoology.

5. EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING and COMPOSITION, with the application of Rhetoric and Logic.

6. APPLICATIONS of the Sciences to Agriculture and the Arts.

Rensselaer School, Troy, Sept. 23, 1829.
Agent for the Rensselaer School


HON. STEPHEN VON RENSSELAER, PATRON, with the right of appointing Examiners.

Hon. J.D. Dickenson, Esq.
Hon. R.P. Hart, Esq.
Hon. Guert Van Schoonhoven, Esq.
Hon. J. Cramer, Esq.
Gen. N. Beck, Esq.
Hon. Jesse Buel, Esq.

Rev. E. Nott, Pres. Union Coll. President
O.L Holley, Esq. Vice President
David Buel, Esq. Vice President
Amos Eaton, A.M. Sen. Prof.
John M. Barrows, A.B. (r.s.) Adj. Prof.
Assistants are appointed by the Faculty.
Hez. H. Eaton, A.B. (r.s.) Jun Prof.

Accommodation Departments.

To accommodate families who prefer having several children at the same school, a building in a separate yard on the school premises will be assigned to that object. One room will be the reading-hall for female pupils, another will be used for their dissertation-room, (?) another will be the Pestalozzi-room for young children, where all the valuable parts of Pestalozzi’s system will be adopted. Such pupils will be under the direction of an experienced Female teacher, aided by assistants proportioned in number to the number of pupils.
As a farther accommodation, a room in the principal building will be assigned to students in Latin, Greek, French so far as to enable students to translate, and Book-keeping.
The Accommodation departments are set up by me on my own responsibility. Fees the same as in other departments, excepting that in the school for young children, fees $4 for the term of 12 weeks, and $5 for the term of 15 weeks.

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