Rensselaerwyck was the name given to a post-war housing development for married students constructed in 1946. Approximately 1000 married veterans attended RPI that year. The development consisted of surplus housing units brought in from U.S. military centers. At its maximum capacity, Rensselaerwyck included 88 buildings and a total of 387 family units. The development had a site manager and included a co-op store, laundry, and nursery school.


The community also had its own newsletter called the "Ren'wyck News." The number of units dwindled to about 170 by the 1960's. The remaining units were remodeled in the late 1970's. By 1993, the "temporary" houses began to be demolished by the Institute. Much of the area once occupied by Rensselaerwyck was developed into athletic fields.

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