North Hall and E-Complex Dormitories

There had been no campus accommodations for upper class students until the completion of North Hall and the E Complex in 1932. These two dormitories were divided into ten separate units, each named for an alum who had been president of a railroad company:

  • Alexander J. Cassatt (1859), Pennsylvania
  • William H. Clement (1835), Cincinnati Southern
  • Frank J. Hearne (1867), Colorado and Wyoming
  • Seijiro Hirai (1878), Imperial Government of Japan
  • Souichiro Matsmoto (1876), Imperial Government of Japan
  • Leverett S. Miller (1885), New York, Westchester & Boston
  • George B. Roberts (Class of 1849), Pennsylvania
  • Theodore Voorhees (1869), Philadelphia & Reading
  • Christopher C. Waite (1864), Columbus, Hocking Valley & Toledo
  • Alfred Walter (Class of 1872), Lehigh Valley

North Hall was converted into laboratory and office space in 1961. In 1978, it was remodeled and converted back into a dormitory.

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