Rensselaer Administrative History

In addition to the monographs listed below, there are many shorter publications about Rensselaer by these and other authors. Researchers are encouraged to search the Rensselaer Libraries online catalog for other titles, and should consult the archives staff for assistance in identifying additional resources. Please contact us to discuss your research needs.

See Rensselaer Digital Collections

The Institute History page provides information regarding timelines, presidents, building histories and much more.

Items digitized from the original publications held in Rensselaer’s Institute Archives and Special Collections department.

The titles listed below are representative of the ways in which the Institute has recorded its activities in print. The archives holds many additional campus publications, and researchers are encouraged to visit the department to review these materials. See also a complete inventory of campus publications here.

  • Annual Report, 1901-1992 (partially indexed).
  • Rensselaer Alumni Magazines, 1928-present (various titles).
  • Catalog, 1902-present (published under various titles; from 1902-1962 catalogs were published as part of the R.P.I. Bulletins series).
  • Directory, 1946-present (faculty, staff and students).
  • Early Catalogs, 1826-1901 (catalogs and related items published under various titles).
  • For the Record, 1972-1974 (partially indexed).
  • News Releases, 1933-present.
  • Official Bulletin, 1959-1972.
  • The Polytechnic, 1869 & 1885-present (student newspaper).
  • Rensselaer Review, 1964-1967 (campus newsletter).
  • Review, 1988-2000 (campus newsletter).
  • R.P.I. Bulletin, 1902-1963 (for many years all Institute publications belonged to this series, including general announcements; catalogs; descriptions of labs, buildings, and academic programs; messages to alumni; and many miscellaneous titles).
  • R.P.I. Memoranda, 1978-1992.
  • RPI Review, 1980-1987 (campus newsletter).
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