Guidelines for Depositing Records

The ability to retrieve records deposited in the Archives is dependent on the information offices provide.  Care must be taken to properly prepare records and complete the appropriate forms when the records are transferred.  Archivists are available to answer any questions and offer assistance.

Contact us: Monday-Friday, 9-4.
phone: 276-8340

I. Preparing records:
a.) One cubic-foot sized boxes called “records center boxes” must be used to store records.  These boxes can be obtained from the Institute Archives, (x8340).  For records that will not fit into these 12″x10″x15″ boxes, alternative storage methods may be arranged with the Archives.
b.) To simplify future retrieval of records, prepare records according to the guidelines listed below:

  1. Follow assembly instructions on boxes or call the Archives (x8340) for assistance. Do not tape boxes.
  2. Remove records from binders that are taller than 10 inches. Binders taller than 10 inches will not fit into records center boxes. Place records in labeled file folders.
  3. Remove records from hanging folders. Place records in labeled file folders.
  4. Remove rubber bands from records.
  5. Pack folders upright in the records center boxes. Letter size (8.5 x 11in.) materials can be stored in one direction, legal size (8.5 x 14 in.) materials in the other.
  6. Keep records in the order in which they normally are filed in your office. Do not attempt to revise the alphabetical, numerical, chronological, or other order of your records.
  7. Fill each box to capacity but do not overfill.
  8. Number each box consecutively on one end of the box rather than on the top.
  9. Start a new numerical series with each shipment sent to the Archives.

II. Records Transmittal and Inventory Sheets:
Records Transmittal and Inventory Sheets account for items deposited in the Archives. This form is available on the Archives web site (see link below).  The completed form can be saved as a Word file and sent as an email attachment to  The form should be filled out by the person in the office who prepares the records for transfer.  You must keep a completed Records Transmittal and Inventory Sheets in your office. Records Transmittal Form

Records Transmittal and Inventory Sheets should be completed in the following manner:

  1. Name of transmitting office
  2. Address of transmitting office
  3. Name, campus address, email address, and office phone number of person preparing shipment
  4. Box number and folder title
  5. Copy the Records Transmittal and Inventory Sheet for your files. Place the original sheets in Box 1 of the shipment. Do not tape sheets to the top of boxes.

III. Transportation:
The office depositing records in the Institute Archives must arrange for transportation of packed records to the Archives.  Contact Moving and Transportation Services, ESS (x8256) then confirm with the Archives (x8340) the date and time of the transfer.

IV. Accession Numbers:
Upon receipt of records, the Institute Archives will assign each shipment an accession number. The office depositing records will be notified of the accession number and any inventory revisions.  This accession number must be used by the office in all communications with the Archives.