History of Troy and Rensselaer County

City of Troy

This bibliography highlights materials pertaining to local and regional history, including both published and unpublished items. This list is by no means exhaustive. The archives continues to collect local history information, and there are many items embedded in larger collections that would be impossible to include in a survey of this nature. 

Anyone interested in additional research should contact Archives staff for further assistance. We have included links to the Published Works below for a brief description of the publication found in RenSearch, Folsom Library’s online catalog.

Marcus L. Filley papers, 1822-1946 (MC 12).
Correspondence reflecting sales of stoves and stove parts manufactured in Rensselaer County. Also, personal correspondence of Filley family members.

Isadore M. Fixman collection, 1667-1969 (MC 2).
Personal, family, business and professional correspondence of early settlers in this region. Van Rensselaer family papers are the core of this collection. Also included are maps, photographs, legal documents and published materials.

Thomas Phelan papers, 1973-1996 (Mc 76).
Primarily student research reports on local history topics, including 19th century industry and labor, working and living conditions, architecture, prominent individuals, and a wide range of related subjects.

R.P.I. Undergraduate Thesis Collection, 1855-1910.
Reports and related drawings from student research projects. Topics include reviews of, and designs for, bridges, canals, waterworks, industrial machinery, and related engineering endeavors in the vicinity. Each thesis has been cataloged by title and author in the libraries’ online catalog. Microfilm copies are available in both the archives reading room and the Folsom Library microfilm collection.

Warren Family papers, 1824-1909 (MC 14).
Personal and business correspondence relating to railroads and politics in upstate New York.

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