Collections Use Policy

Use of the Institute Archives and Special Collections materials is governed by the following regulations. All researchers are required to read, review and sign the Collections Use Policy when they arrive at the Archives.


  • All researchers must register with an Archivist and present photo identification to access material.
  • A reference interview may be required for an Archivist to properly assist researchers.

 Reading Room Use

  • The Archives’ research room is reserved for individuals using archival collections or rare books.
  • This is a designated “quiet space.” Do not disturb other researchers.
  • Only pencils, notepads, laptop computers may be taken to the research tables.
  • PLEASE silence cell phones and other electronic devices. Phone conversations are not permitted.
  • Food and drink, including, gum and candy are prohibited.
  • Pencil must be used; the use of ink, post-it and highlighters is prohibited.

Requesting Materials

  • Please contact an Archivist in advance to discuss your research topic.
  • Materials may be restricted because of fragility or poor condition. An Archivist will assist with secondary resources or require the use of access copies.
  • The Archives reserves the right to limit the number of materials issued at one time.

Handling Collections

  • Archivists reserve the right to limit access when carelessness results in endangering collections.
  • Archival collections do not circulate. Materials cannot be removed from the Reading Room.
  • All material must remain on the table, please do not use your lap as a table.
  • Do not place notepads, laptops, or any personal notes on top of folders or archival material.
  • The original order of all manuscripts and folders must be maintained. Please use one folder at a time.
  •  Do not remove material for copying or scanning. Speak to an archivist for instructions.

Copy requests/Duplication

  • Self-service copying is not available.
  • Personal scanners are prohibited.
  • Prior permission is required for the use of cameras. Please discuss camera use with an Archivist.


  • Original materials cannot be published without the appropriate written permission of an Archivist.
  • Access to the Institute Archives and Special Collections does not convey permission to publish or distribute this material in any format.
  • Any researcher who quotes directly from unpublished materials (for use in an unpublished or published paper) must seek and use proper citations.