Mystery Image #25

Can you help us identify the person in this photograph?  It contains at least two clues.  The one legible book title in the stack behind him is The Analysis of Linear Circuits by Charles M. Close.  This may indicate he was a member of the electrical engineering faculty.  The second clue is his hair style, which looks mid-1970s to mid-1980s.

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6 Responses to Mystery Image #25

  1. Gary Saulnier says:

    This is Charles M. Close himself!

  2. Lou Lambruschi says:

    I still have the book, as well as a similar hair style!

  3. David Haas says:

    I confirm that this is Dr. Close. He was my advisor my senior year.

  4. ramiro rincon says:

    Podría enviarme copia del ejercicio resuelto de Transferencia de potencia del libro?

  5. Stephen J Alter , PhD says:

    I taught circuit theory as a graduate student under Professor Charles Close. He was a perfectionist in his writings and teaching methods and I imitated him as best I could. I consider him to be one of the great mentors in my professional career.

    The photo is of Charles Close

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