Mystery Image #19

This is a photo of an athletic team, but I’m not sure which one or when it was taken (1960s?).  I think it may be the tennis team, because I’ve seen the coach in other pictures.  Do you know?  Can you identify the coach or any of the team members?

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  1. Bob Gallagher says:

    The coach is Professor Stan Briskie. I believe he was a member of the H&SS faculty and coached tennis for many years.

  2. Dorothy Barnes says:

    An interested mystery solver researched this picture in the Athletics Department Archives and has found the following information:

    It is the 1967 men’s tennis team.

    First row (left to right): F. DeSimone (manager), B. Iskowitz, R. Epner, J. Shaw, S. Abrahams (co-capt.), N. Zilberg (co-captain)(spelling may be wrong), Stan Brizyski (coach and economics professor).

    Second row (left to right): P. Sarapuu, W. Daniels, A. Krull, B. Clayton.

    • amythearchivist says:

      This is great information! I’ll have to remember that there is a good sleuth with connections to the Athletic Department. If I have any other athletic photo mysteries, I’ll remember to refer them to you!

  3. John Bishop says:

    I entered RPI in 1971. At that time, I was told that I was lucky, as late as 1970, men had to wear a jacket (maybe a tie?) to be served dinner in the dining hall. I doubt many shots – unless very formal as this one, would have men dressed up like this after 1970.

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