the Commencement Hop

For several decades a hop (informal dance) was held right after commencement.  The hop was sponsored by the junior class in honor of the graduating seniors and it was typically held at a hall downtown.  Since commencement was held at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, it was convenient for graduates and their guests to walk or take a carriage over to Harmony Hall on Third St.  A light “supper” was provided for the crowd. The earliest record we have of the hop is an 1877 dance card (it was called the Farewell Hop at that time).  We have several dance cards up to 1912 when the dance was held at the Pittsburgh Building.  In 1913, when commencement was held on campus for the first time, the event was changed to a more formal  Commencement Ball.  In subsequent years, it was called the Senior Ball.


selection from a poem in the 1885 Transit

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