Mystery Image #10

The Mystery Image is a place this time instead of a person.  I have a feeling that I have seen this house before — possibly in the Troy vicinity, but I can’t quite place it.  I’m kind of getting ahead of the seasons by posting a winter scene in early November!  Do you know where this house is located or who owns it?

Update: Mystery Image #10 – Indentified!

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4 Responses to Mystery Image #10

  1. Joann Taylor says:

    I can’t say for sure but is that the President’s house?
    It is impossible to tell from the terrain/satellite Google maps but it was located just to the North of the corner of Detroit and Beman Lanes. Thirty years ago, there were a lot fewer trees than there are now.

    When I was there, the house didn’t get much use due to the Low’s living up on Tibbets Avenue and not in the President’s residence.

    • amythearchivist says:

      I’m fairly certain that this is not the President’s house. We don’t have a good image of the entire house so I can’t be 100% sure. The house that the Low family lived in is the current President’s house.

  2. Michael Zwack says:

    This might be on the property of the Emma Willard campus, visible from Pinewoods Avenue…

    • amythearchivist says:

      I was able to identify this property and wrote about it in a later post. I didn’t think to add a link from here — but it’s there now. Thanks for your comment Mr. GM! 🙂

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