Commencement Speaker & Honorary Degree Recipients 1940-1949

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*Rensselaer president

No.DateCommencement SpeakerHonorary Degrees
115June 17, 1940Clark H. Minor, President, International
General Electric Co.
Eduardo J. Chibas; D.Eng.
Clark H. Minor; D.Eng.
Robert C. Stanley; D.Eng.
1161941Philip D. Reed, Chairman of the Board,
General Electric Co.
Philip D. Reed; D.Eng.
Frederick E. Williamson; D.Eng.
117May 17, 1942Albert N. Williams, President,
Western Union Telegraph Co.
Harry A. Hopf; D.Eng.
John A. Sampson; D.Sc.
Arthur S. Tuttle; D.Eng.
Albert N. Williams; D.Eng.
July 7, 1942NoneNone
1942NoneAlbert W. Davison; D.Eng.
April 17, 1943Commander John R. Perry None
June 19, 1943 None None
Sept. 23, 1943 None None
119Dec. 23, 1943Eugene E. Wilson,
Vice Chairman of the Board,
United Aircraft Corp,. Hartford, CT
Eugene E. Wilson; D.Eng.
June 21, 1944Philip W. HenryNone
120Aug. 20, 1944NoneNone
121Oct. 21, 1944Maj. Gen. William Henry Harrison, Chief,
Procurement and Distribution Service,
US Army
Feb. 22, 1945Percival M. Sax ’90, Consulting EngineerNone
April 22, 1945James H. McGraw, Jr., President,
McGraw-Hill Publishing Co., Inc.
James H. McGraw, Jr.; D.Eng.
Charles S. Pillsbury; D.Eng.
June 22, 1945Malcolm Pirnie, C.E.Malcolm Pirnie, C.E.
Henry B. Davenport; D.Eng.
Joseph H. Nuelle; D.Eng.
Oct. 24, 1945Rear Admiral Lewis B. Combs ‘16, Asst. Chief,
Bureau of Yards & Docks, US Navy
Lewis B. Combs; D.Eng.
Thomas F. Farrell; D.Eng.
Feb. 22, 1946Rear Admiral John J. Manning ‘15, Chief,
Bureau of Yards & Docks, US Navy
John J. Manning; D.Eng.
William H. Harrison; D.Eng.
June 24, 1946Maj. Gen. Edmond H. Leavey,
Chief of Transportation, Army Service Forces
Ralph W. Gallagher; D.Eng.
Edmond H. Leavey; D.Eng.
James Pine; D.Eng.
134Feb. 1, 1947Arthur S. Adams, Provost, Cornell UniversityArthur S. Adams; D.Eng.
Willem F. Westendorp; D.Eng.
135June 16, 1947Harry A. Winne, Vice President
of Engineering Policy, General Electric Co.
Harry A. Winnie; D.Eng.
136Aug. 30, 1947Francis E. Gallagher, President,
Behr-Manning Corp.
137Jan. 24, 1948Frank W. Abrams, Chairman of the Board,
Standard Oil Company
Frank W. Abrams; D.Eng.
138June 11, 1948Charles Erwin Wilson, President, GM Corp.H. Mansfield Horner; D.Eng.
Charles Erwin Wilson; D.Eng.
139Sept. 4, 1948Robert Paxton, Manager, GE Corp.None
140Jan. 29, 1949Jan. 29, 1949Harvey N. Davis; D.Eng.
141June 10, 1949Ben Moreell, President, Jones, & Laughline
Steel Corp.
Matthew A. Hunter; D.Eng.
Thomas D. Jolly; D.Eng.
Ben Moreell; D.Eng.
Edward R. Weidlein; D.Eng.
Oct. 1949NoneHiland G. Batcheller; D.Eng.
Eugene Holman; D.Eng.
Amory Houghton; D.Eng.
Charles Edward Wilson; D.Eng.
1949NoneLouis St. Laurent; LL.D.
Francis T. Spaulding; LL.D.